Inconsistent cuts on MDF

I got MDF off of amazon, 1/8th. I have tried cutting it on 125/full/.125 130/full/.125 130/full/auto 135/full/.124 135/full/.25 and just about everything between.
i will cut something on like 135 full/.125 and it cuts like butter, i will try another cut same settings mdf isn’t bent and it won’t cut all the way through… i am tired of inconsitant cuts with the same settings… help…

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We cannot discuss settings for non Proofgrade material anywhere but in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, so I will move this post over there for the discussion to occur.

When cutting non proofgrade material, your best bet is to do lots of testing using one of the test cut/engrave templates available in the Free Laser Design section.

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sorry about that! i did test cuts and than it still won’t cut even though the test cut was fine.

THank you for your advice!

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Have you tried the medium draftboard proofgrade settings? That works for me.

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One huge benefit to proofgrade material is that GF stands behind their product. If you have any issues they will work with you to resolve the issue. The same can’t be said by other suppliers.


ya that is true, if they were not so expensive per board:(

Make sure the MDF is flat! Did you try the medium proofgrade settings? I don’t use the PF stock because of price, and get all my MDF from HD.

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