Inconsistent Cutting Depth

Yesterday and this morning was working with samples and finally came up with final design with settings. Engraving was what I wanted and cutting was at a perfect setting. Came back to it this afternoon with everything set the exact same way as I left it and final project the cut areas did not go through more like perferated. Was working with 110 lb. cardstock so project was useless. Also working with GF site was tricky with very slow response. checked internet connection which was fine. Thoughts? Any glitches today?

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Hopefully we can help!

No listed glitches:

Any chance you got the speed update between this morning and this afternoon? (What’s your max speed on the engrave?)

No changes whatsoever

Then it’s likely there was a difference in the material which really isn’t anything you can plan for :-/

Can you use an x-acto to cut the perforated edges out?

Did not change cardstock used(materials and settings the same), making tags for products and unfortunately cutaway object inside cannot use x-acto knife. Used it for outside square to tag.

Card stock is a manufactured material, so there can be inconsistencies within sheets that cannot be planned for - just like running into glue in plywood. If I were you I’d try it again on another sheet.

Thanks I am running another sheet now. Just frustrating, was over a dozen tags taking over and hour to cut.


For this next one (and in the future) before you lift out your piece, use a needle/tweezers/dental pick/etc. to lift the cuts - that way if they didn’t cut through you can just close the lid and hit print on the cuts (you’d change the engraves to ignore) and cut again. Don’t reposition anything, just close, update the settings, and go. That’s saved my ass a few times!


Definitely, thanks. Will check after this next one finishes. Have painters tape holding it down securely so testing the cut will work without disturbing the paper. Thx again!

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Could just be that your lenses and mirrors need cleaning. Not cutting through on a known job is probably that simple 95% of the time. :wink:


I use a small fitting on a shopvac. It also gets up all the small bits. The only time I cant use it is when what I an cutting is small bits like hinge parts.

I’m so sorry to hear that you are running into trouble.

It looks like @deirdrebeth was able to provide some great suggestions. Please let me know how the prints went after trying these out.

We may need to perform a test on Proofgrade materials with default settings to ensure your Glowforge is performing as it should.

Thanks for your suggestion. I keep up with cleaning the lenses so I don’t think it was that but during the time I was having issues I received a notification there was an issue with an app outage. The issue somehow resolved itself and no longer happening.

That’s good to hear - thanks for updating us! If this problem reoccurs, or if you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic or email us at We’re here to help!