Index card box

This is noting special in the scheme of things. But I ran a set of these for index cards. Here is a photo, the svg file, and the settings for The kerf was just right for PG draft board, but might use another nudge up on the plywood. UPDATE: This worked perfect for me on PG draft board, But the PG basswood kept popping open I moved the latch size to 7 and that seems to have fixed it.



Very nice! Thanks for sharing the file! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Simple, clean, and practical!

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Yeah - another box type! Thanks for sharing. Also for sharing the settings so we could tweak it for ply. :smiley:



It occurred to me as I used the software just to do screen shots. That way I had an objective log to adjust from.


Hey, thanks!

Help, what am I doing wrong? When I right click on file I can only save as PNG and not SVG.

Don’t click on the photo or the settings image. The SVG is between them – where you see the faint outlines of the cutting pattern.

What she said :smile:

I put in a request that has helped me out a bunch. You can re-edit the setting from the url. Better yet with the greasemonkey script it will added it to the SVG file.

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I do. Still either PNG or BMP. Then when I send to Glowforge its so faint it doesn’t show anything.

Here, I zipped it for you.

Index Card (5.4 KB)


Thank you. This ones works fine. I wonder if its the browser I am using, I went to another of one the free files to test(the poker chip) and it was the same,

That would be cool

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great job - thanks for sharing

have to use CHROME or Firefox!!!