Infinity Edge-Lit Acrylic Sign

Edge-lit infinity mirror effect.

Super cool and easy. Acrylic mirror back and two-way acrylic mirror on the front with stand-off screws. Two-way mirror on amazon, really thin but works well:


Well done! Thanks for sharing!

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Very cool!

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Very interesting take on the edge lit concept.

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Whoa! Really cool concept. Thanks for sharing. Nice work!


I’m a bit dizzy but I love it anyway!

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Fun take on edge-lit.

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Innovative use of a unique material! :sunglasses:

Always amazed at the inventiveness of this community.

Thanks for the link! I’ve been putting off trying something like this because I’m too lazy to find the parts unless someone spoon feeds them to me. Now I have no excuse!

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That. Is. Awesome :astonished: