Infinity mirror cat ears


A few hours before a cat themed party I decided to try to make some infinity mirror cat ears based on @gellacraft’s tutorial on Hackster, ( because I happened to have one-directional acrylic mirror, two way acrylic mirror, neopixels and a lasercutter kicking around, and that’s all it really took! :smiley: Hadn’t tried an infinity mirror effect before but it was really simple because of the acrylic and glowforge and hugely satisfying. Deffo will be using this skillset again.

I used the trace function and a shape I sketched based on the curve of the headband I was using. Worked better then I thought it might!


Awesome job!!

I know at least a dozen people who would want a set of cat ears like this!!


I just fell down an infinity mirror rabbit hole !
Just got to do something with this, so thanks.
John :upside_down_face:


Love the reminder to flip an object if needed! Nice project.


You’ve got to love an infinity mirror!!


Love it!!!

Also, I definitely am running to my label maker right now for that reverse reminder. :joy:


You spelled “Glowforge” wrong :slight_smile:


Wow! Definitely lives up to your avatar.


Hah! Can’t engrave onto the Glowforge lid with the Glowforge :wink: No temporal anomalies here.


We should add that to the features request list :slight_smile:


That’s just pretty damned cool! Ha! Well done.


You probably could with some arithmetic and a copper mirror or two but the Glowforge lid is not proofgrade and thus would not be warranted when it exploded.


…well, of course you did. :slight_smile:

The infinity ears look great!!