Inkscape 1.0 not using my custom palette

I was happy to see the 1.0 release but I waited a little while in case there were any reports of gotchas. I didn’t see any so I upgraded with only 1 small issue. My Glowforge template got removed. That was easily fixed by simply restoring it from a ZIP backup.

I then started to work on a new project and found a big one: my Glowforge palette was not there. I can see the Glowforge.gpl file in the Inkscape\share\palettes folder:


Yet when I try to change the palette in Inkscape it does not list it. All I see are the stock palettes:

I’ve tried some Google-fu but have not found anything that would explain this. Has anyone else run into it or better yet gotten Inkscape to use the custom palette??


Have you completely closed all inkscape windows and reopened?

I know that it only loads some stuff at startup like fonts. Maybe the same with palettes?

(My custom palette From 0.92x works fine)

I have (with every test).

I also just noodled out a fix. One of the older threads I had bookmarked said “Copy the file into the palettes directory of your Inkscape install.”. So I put my palette into c:\Apps\Inkscape\share\palettes (at least thats where I found them after I upgraded).

However I just found a post from March that mentioned %APPDATA%\Roaming\inkscape\palettes (Im on a Win10 system). When I checked that folder I found it empty. Copying my Glowforge.gpl from c:\Apps\Inkscape\share\palette into C:\Users\Bruce\AppData\Roaming\inkscape\palettes (and restarting Inkscape) fixed the issue.

I wonder if upgrading removed my Glowforge.gpl from the %APPDATA%\Roaming\Inkscape\palettes folder and I simply found an unused Glowforge.gpl file I had put there (but Inkscape never actually used). In any case, I’ll go back to lurking and doing some playing with Inkscape. Thanks for the quick response.



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