Inkscape and trouble

Has anybody encountered trouble using in inkscape. I have been working on getting it to work for a couple of days now with no luck. I have gotten close but still no joy. It shows up under extentions i get drop down window with all the options for boxes but it goes no further. :frowning:

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The only time I installed it was as the standalone that functioned through the web browser. So it’s like the web site, but hosted locally.

No error messages?

How did you install it? Did you check it out with git or just download and unzip? What version Inkscape?

Sorry I am not helpful on this.

I just go to the webpage, make the box or whatever, and download the svg. I open the file in Inkscape if I want to do an modifications. I use Inkscape on my MacBook Air and it is a little finicky.

I could not get it to work either. A lot of the extensions are no longer being upgraded
or have been abandoned to work with the latest versions on Inkscape.

I guess you are aware you can just go to there website now.


I go to the web site and it does not give me anyway to download an SVG file.
When I right click it just gives me this. Also I should say I am on a MAC.

0.92 on the version. I installed it using the instructions from there website and I used git. I used homebrew as they recommended. Any ideas? :-/

And if you click “save page as” does it save it with an SVG extension? It actually creates the design as a page and displays in a new tab.

I might try to load it tonight and see what happens. Only thing off the bat is that I had some issues here and there with files that weren’t executable or didn’t have the right permissions somewhere along the line with some extensions, but it has been a while.

When I generate a box on their site, the resulting image is an SVG (right click, Save As - which for some reason you do not appear to have…)

Chrome on Mac.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Chrome is it. Your a genius!!

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I am going to keep trying with Inkscape but chrome seems to give me the options I need. Thanks for all the help.

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