Inkscape and Macbook

Has anyone ran into issues opening inkscape? Sometimes it opens and sometimes it does not. Tonight it does not. Lucky me.

Whenever it won’t open for me, I go back to an existing svg file and “open with” to get things started.


Good idea!
I posted …so it opened.

Never had a problem with inkscape loading on my MacBook or windows machines. Just takes a while sometimes. Not the fastest program to open.


Hi…and welcome to the forum! Noticing that you’re using a Mac, I just wanted to suggest that you look at Affinity Designer in the app store. In the beginning, I downloaded Inkscape and used it for a while, but ended up buying Affinity and have been using that exclusively ever since. It’s a very affordable app that’s vying with AI for it’s robust features, but with no subscription costs. To me, it’s more user friendly than Inkscape. Looking forward to seeing your creations!


I am afraid it might be my tiny screen!

I am completely overwhelmed with the paths and nodes etc. I have used all kinda if software and designed things for websites but never at this level.

Getting a bigger monitor this weekend and hopefully that will help.

Thanks I will definitely look into it.

I kicked adobe illustrator around and decided against it.

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I think I will like affinity … do you ever use it with your IPAd??

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I have it on my iPad, but have not really gotten into using it. Probably because of the small screen size compared to my iMac desktop. There will probably be a time when I’ll give it a try…just to give it a chance, at least.

The trick with Inkscape in OS X is that it is utterly dependent on XQuartz, which can be a little… quirky. Before I gave up on Inkscape entirely (I also use Affinity Designer), I learned to make sure XQuartz shutdown after every session of Inkscape, and still had to restart OS X and/or reboot my Mac more often than not.

Best of luck!


I was thinking that with the Pen Options on the IPAD it might have some usefulness.
Hubby is bringing me a bigger monitor…and I did download affinity.

I’ve been learning Inkscape and unintentionally getting an education on “Inkscape On Macbook”. It is a frustrating field of study.

I’ve found that, when you think it’s not opening, it might actually be opening. XQuartz works very strangely on my Macbook particularly when I’m plugged into a 2nd monitor. The window very easily gets lost off the screen. Weird method for finding it: switch the screen management so the laptop screen is (virtually! not physically) on the other side of the plugged in monitor. I do that and boom, there’s the XQuartz window.
Another fun thing, when in Inkscape and an I open the Preferences dialog… nothing. Experimentation shows that the dialog window is way off the screen. The virtual screen flip shows this as well.
I also “fix” these issues by giving up and unplugging my wonderful giant monitor; when xQuartz sees I’m only using the Laptop screen, if crams it all on there for me.
Basically, XQuartz wants my laptop to be on the left side of my monitor, or not use a second screen at all, and really doesn’t care what I want.

Still discovering little frustrations like this. Hope this was helpful.
If anyone knows a way to get around these issues I would be very grateful.

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That is very helpful and makes me feel better that I am not the only one who had problems with it,
I tried the show windows option and it said that no windows were open…that was an interesting result.

I did also download affinity.

I actually did my first designs in pages…lol. When there’s a will - there’s a way!

Thank you!!

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