Inkscape bezier curves

In inkscape im makeing designs using bezier curves. When making it a union it thinks i have a secret line attached to the curve. How do i fix it. The bottom image is when i union it.

Don’t union, join the paths instead.

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Ok that was a pretty sketchy answer. But we don’t have a lot of details here to work with. Can you provide a little more info about what you’re up to? Might be able to give more concrete guidance.

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What im making is a lady bug. To make it compatible to cut on the glowforge i have to union it. I want the antennas to be all curved lines.

Try doing object to path after drawing the curves but before the union and see if that helps.

It still does the same thing

Is this what you are trying to do?



Have you tried moving them manually with the “Edit paths by nodes” tool by pressing F2 or selecting it on the left side?

You can click on the stroke with left click and drag it to any position you want.

There are more complicated ways to do it with node editing and things like that but they are not really needed to get the result i posted above.


Your “secret line joined to the curve” is the program trying to make a complete shape out of your open path (because “union” deals shapes)

Converting your antenna curve into an outlined shape will prevent the secret line from popping up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When i i convert stroke to path it bends the antennaa at a weird angle

I downloaded your file from the third post and when I did Stroke to Path there was no bending of the antennae. I did it using Inkscape version 0.92.3 on Win 7 Pro. Have you done anything to the file since you posted 20 hours ago? If so you may want to re-download that one.

You do have an open path at the top of the right-hand antennae, although I doubt that is the cause of your problem.

That diamond being smaller than the other diamonds indicates you have two nodes on top of each other.

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