Inkscape box generator

Tried using the Inkscape Box Generator extension and the tabs don’t line up.


Two sides do not make a box! :sunglasses:

Here’s what my Windows Inkscape “Tabbed Box Maker” menu shows…

Note the “Box type” drop-down.

I didn’t show the whole box. Just the bottom and one side to illustrate my problem.
I’m on a Mac but don’t understand why the difference in the box generator available settings.

Are you asking for something or just reporting?

You wouldn’t expect the tabs to line up because you have a kerf compensation listed there as .1, which is pretty huge.

Try kerf of 0.006. They still won’t line up, but it’ll be much closer.


Asking. Thanks for the input.
But if they still won’t line up, how do I get them to line up?

If you want them to dead line up, set the kerf to zero.

But if you want the pieces to fit tightly, then don’t do that. Kerf adjustment intentionally offsets it so you can get a better fit. You’ve been around, so I’m sure I don’t need to explain what kerf compensation is.

For most 1/8" woods, 0.006 is a nice place to start, it’ll work out as a tight glue fit. 0.007 or 0.008 will make it veer into “I need a mallet” kind of friction fits, which can be really cool but are hard to work with, especially with hardwoods that want to break along grain lines. 0.003-0.004 will get into the “easy glue fit” range… and 0 will be “it’s floppy and won’t stay aligned without clamps” territory.


Thanks. At my age I tend to forget the settings I have used (I even forget to write them down).
I have used Dan’s corrugated tabs in the past for really tight fits.

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Thanks, this info is very helpful to me! After years now of lasering with my Glowforge you would think I’d have a better feel for this than I do.

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I wonder if this is a versioning issue, or if it could be a x11 translation issue. Anyone else using the tabbed box maker plugin on a Mac instance of Inkscape care to report if they see the same set of options?

1/10th inch kerf will do that to you!

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When I use the Tabbed Box Maker, I get an error message. Any clue as to what is causing this?

I’m no expert, but it looks like the code for hash md5 was not found. :wink:


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