Inkscape: changing vector line color mid path

What is the best way to modify this foldable box design to cut the outside and score the inside lines? This was made with the foldable box generator in inkscape (extensions->render -> foldable box) I know making the different cut types into different colors would work. The question is how best to do this with a vector?
If we have a tutorial on this you can just point me to it.


I see how this could be done with layers and tracing over the design but it seems like there has to be a better way. 1 jpg and 1 svg were uploaded but I only see the jpg.


Don’t quote me because it’s been a while, but I think you click on the point node arrow to enter into edit mode and then cut the lines at the nodes using one of the little icons that pop up on the second row…
let me just point you at the tutorial…


Yup, I’m that guy.


I was just challenged yesterday with that same problem and broke out the line and use “break apart” to bring it to pieces. Then just make the fold marks one object (combine) and the cut marks another object of a different color and then make them a group so they stay together.

I don’t have my laser yet so am not sure how the GFUI would take it but you would have your different colors.

The code that is generated when you upload a .svg includes some text [Filename|XxY ] where X and Y are dimensions. For some reason when you post an .svg these get turned into small values. Change these values to reasonable sized numbers by multiplying them by 10 or 100 and the .svg should show up.

The foldable boxes created by foldable box extension are, unfortunately, kinda worthless. The paper thickness isn’t properly taken into consideration. Also once you ungroup the resulting output you end up having a bunch of overlapping objects that won’t cut well.

I would recommend making a folds/score layer, a cuts layer, and a release cut layer. Like this
If you turn on snap to nodes, tracing the provided box template will go very quickly.