Inkscape - Circular Text - Type on a Circle

iOS Video


I want you to personally know I absolutely appreciate the tutorials.
I also respect your time and effort.

A little Thank You gift from me.


Thank you! So glad to see someone still using them. :smile:
(Did you locate them all through the Matrix?)

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I did locate them through the Matrix. I have had the link sitting on my iPad home screen for over a year.

Since I am now getting private instruction with Inkscape the tutorials are so easy to understand. You have made all these tutorials absolutely so easy.

I needed to have some one on one instruction with Inkscape before I tackled the tutorials.

All of your time, dedication and effort in making these tutorials is thoroughly loved and appreciated by me.

Every single time I do a tutorial and I complete a project on my own—- I feel like Prince at the Super Bowl. He it out of the ballpark and this was the best Super Bowl performance ever.

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