Inkscape Clip to Set tool Troubles

I am trying to make a round clock. When I clip my design to a round circle using Clip>set function in Inkscape it works fine in the program. I then upload it to my Glowforge for printing and when I do this the shape is back to its original instead of having the round edge like it did in Inkscape. Is there a different way to go about doing this or am I missing a step that is causing it to revert when uploaded to be printed? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The Glowforge does not recognize SVG “clip paths”. :sunglasses:

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In your case, instead of a box, make the shape a ring with an ID the area you want to keep, and the OD large enough to cover everything you want to delete.

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I did this but used the intersection tool so that it kept everything inside my circle. Worked to cut it down. now to load it up and see if it will work. Thanks

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Images are always rectangular so a round raster will still ha a white area around it as it is well known that only aliens can crop circles.

If you have a raster image the clip does not work but it you turn off all the other objects and make another object to image it will just do it in place and then you can freeze the original with the clip. I do this a lot.

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