Inkscape crashing

I have Inkscape version 0.92 and the last couple days it has been really buggy. It crashes at least every 20 minutes maybe less. Has anyone else had any problems with it?

my inkscape is 0.92.4 and never had that issue unless it was related to the file, as in importing a poorly designed file with a lot of strokes. The real only quirk I’ve found is crashing when rotating some objects.

Yeah I’ve had crashes before on complicated designs but lately it’s just simple stuff. It also seems like I can’t depend on it to do what I want it to do. Sometimes things work as I expect and at other times they don’t. I might have to delete this program and reload it. This all just started happening after windows 10 upgraded the other day.

I can cause it to crash pretty easily by adding too many nodes to an existing design, or like primal said if I am fooling with thousands of nodes at a time.

I did crash last night, as a matter of fact, when I tried to move back to regular view from the node viewer. The selected paths had over 100K nodes, so I kinda figured that was on me.

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The only time I’ve had issues, freezing not crashing, is from node overload. 0.92.4 on windows 10.

This is probably wise - it’s possible something messed up in the upgrade, and a clean install will fix that - and if it’s something else you’ll know it wasn’t that!

The last couple of rounds of Windows 10 updates have been big faceplants, so you can also try backing that out.

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Agreed. That’s the plan for now.

I’ve been using the 1.0 beta, most things work. Auto save is one of those things…

I just loaded up version 92.3 and it’s working fine.


I suspect a memory/or memory management issue only because I used to get crashes in Inkscape until I rebuilt the rig with 32 gigs of it. Then it changed. No problem since, only my speculation. How much memory are you working with?

I forgot to mention I think my inkscape updated recently as some of the interfaces changed like the exporting sidebar. Not sure how new the change is because i’ve been busy for a couple weeks. If you haven’t maybe try uninstalling and re downloading the latest version if it is not current. A windows update might be messing with it as well.

I’ve been using the 1.0 beta on Mac for a bit. It has mostly been stable. If I leave it running overnight, it gets less stable. Then, things like dragging an object in a way that causes the viewport to scroll will make it beachball unrecoverably.

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I use it on Windows and ChromeOS with no such problems. You might uodate, the builds can change even between release numbers during beta.


I have 27.8 GB free.

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I have never had 0.92.4 “crash”. I’ve been on it pretty much since it was released. The new “native” version doesn’t work reliably for me.

Mac OS 10.14.6 (but all current versions prior) with 16GB.

I spent about 20hrs working on a design with ~15,000 nodes. Some operations would take quite a while, but it didn’t break on me.

Yeah I had the 0.92.4 version since it became available and had the occasional crash until just the other day when it started going down several times on every project. So far the 0.92.3 is working flawlessly. Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

My and my 8g are going to go cry in the corner
I could fix it, but then I’d end up buying a new system because I know myself!

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Weird. What OS?

Haha. I got myself a new lap top last year. It has 119 GB My old lap top was really showing its age.