Inkscape custom keystroke question

Anyone ever fooled around with making custom keystroke actions in Inkscape? I’m wondering if there’s a good way to automate Hershey text generation with a single command. I suspect it would require some sort of macro execution, and I’m not sure if Inkscape supports that sort of thing.

I was able to setup a keystroke for the Hershey extension, but then have to execute it. Granted, that’s done pretty easily with a <enter>, so my keystroke combo is now:

control-shift-alt-H, <enter>

… but still if I could just make it a single stroke that would be cool. I’ve seen some references to using python scripting to do it, but I was hoping that there’s an easier way. Anyone done anything like this?

It’s a hardware solution so maybe not what you want but there are smart keyboards like the stream deck that smooths out things like that wonderfully.

Funnily enough - this is on my task list for the day.

I’ve been using autohotkey for years, its a brilliant program that lets you add keyboard and mouse macros to key combo’s.

I had a dabble a couple of weeks ago to try and do some automated alignment stuff and it nearly worked, but something in the AH/IS combo was breaking it - but it is a problem I have to solve.

Macros in Inkscape would be a brilliant feature - and I suspect not actually as difficult to add as you might think.

You could take the code for the new hershey extension (which is python) and recode it - you can save extensions under new names so as not to mess up the shipped version. I agree with you, it feels like it ought to be a single button action (unless you change the settings).

I’ll let you know what I come up with

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