Inkscape export issue

Probably a dumb question but.

I’m having a hard time finding the correct terms for what I’m looking for, but I have inverted the color of an image in inkscape and exported the file. when I bring it back in there is always a border around the files and I was wondering if there is a setting I am missing that would have it stay the original size?

I apologize if it has been discussed before, I just can’t seem to find it in the sea of “inkscape export issues” Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am not getting that issue - so it’s definitely a setting. What version of Inkscape are you using, and are you using Filter - Color - Invert or something else?

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Not an expert by any means but that large outline usually indicates there are other items somewhere off to the side of your main image. If you click on it in inkscape and use the nodes tool you will see some nodes way off there somewhere. Delete those and it should be fine?
That is if I am understanding the problem correctly.


Yes doing filter-color-invert

Version 1.0 but its an issue i have always had.

No stray nodes its just a bitmap with the invert applied to it.

I can get around it by using a different program for the invert but would like to just stay in inkscape. I usually get around it by applying a mask or clip and then exporting it again. would like to cut down those steps and learn more but at a loss for the terms to search to get to where i want to be

Willing to upload your original image? I’ve scanned through the settings and I can’t find anywhere that seems to effect that :-/ I definitely had that problem when I rotated - where the “border” would end up way wider than the actual image; I never found a solution for that.

Other file was a bit large so re did the same thing with a lower res image. form left to right is origional, invert applied, and reuploaded.
Just a (3.7 MB)

What do you mean by this?

Exported the inverted image? Or just saved the SVG file?

I made a copy of the original image, inverted it, saved and closed the file. When I opened, it was the same size as the original.

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So in my machine your inverted one doesn’t have the wide border - but your reuploaded one does…I’m not sure what you mean by “reuploaded”

image image

and when I sent it to PainNet it came out with the clear border - so I could just select the art and get it back in, but still not a clue as to why it’s creating it.

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Could it be a bounding box?


Sorry, I’m following along but I’m stumped too.

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Ah hah! The terminology led me to this:

TL;DR - check that your geometric bounding box is checked, and if you apply more than one filter - group in between.

See if either of those work!


If I don’t export it afterwards and upload it into inkscape it acts as if i did nothing at all on the dashboard.
So I i’m having to export the file from inkscape to the desktop as a png and then bring it back into the program for it to show the changes ive made, be that invert or any other setting in that filters section.

Oh right, because the Inkscape filters are like clip-paths or whatever, they don’t exist to the laser. It’s part of the reason I don’t do anything raster in my vector program except import and trace :stuck_out_tongue:

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I pretty much give up heh just feel dumb asking the question. Wish there was a setting I could change so when applying a simple invert that it did not toss that invisible alpha box/border around the image. Ill just do my invert in another program from not on i guess, was just trying to simplify my life in the long run by figuring it out in inkscape but it seems to be more hassle than its worth or not possible.

Edit: nvm, see next post.

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As usual when I’m about to give up I find it.

Go to filter editor, select filter, change general filter settings on the bottom right, change the values to
0 - 0
1.0 - 1.0

And now after re upload it is the correct size with no added alpha.

(the re upload is the top image)

Will not work for all filters as some need that extra room to play with, but for a simple invert it works just fine.

Thx for everyones help, greatly appreciated. If I don’t talk to humans about stuff like that ill just be stuck there spinning my tires till i run out of gas.


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