Inkscape for Glowforge

OK, I’ve just tried to sit through another interminable video where 5 minutes worth of info is buried in 100 minutes of nonsense, waffle, mistakes etc.

So, I am going to make a short as possible video to dump all the best things you need to know about inkscape. I intend it to include the following - but I just want to know what you all think might be missing from the list.

How to set your dimensions, bounding box and other preferences
Create document so it always fits the cut area
Quick create simple shapes and how to dimension them.
Quick group Objects
Quick align objects
Creating tabs and sockets
Using node editor
Using curve editor
Quick set stroke colours
Handling text
Converting objects to paths
Logical add and subtract objects
Really useful keyboard shortcuts
Using box creator
Using hershey text
Possibly clone/duplicate
Possibly layers

I figure doing this around making a box with (a) overlapping lid and (b) hinged lid.

Really this should be way less than 10 minutes.

Any suggestions???


This would be a godsend. I eagerly await the finished video.

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A quick video of the things you listed would qualify you for Inkscape sainthood in my opinion.

Your list hits the major things. Perhaps you already intend to include making a template for the Glowforge in the create document section. In an advanced section, you could discuss the color selection and order operation. Maybe discuss raster operations and “saving as” options.


oh my! you would be a superstar in my book! because I fell asleep in that 4 hour video at least ten times! I will put my email address here so that maybe you could send me a link to that super star email!!!

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I am not sure what you are referencing here, but the standard practice is to make the document 20" x 12". “Cut area” is a little ambiguous since what you can cut is not the size of what you can engrave.

It’s a good outline. You might want to edit it and add “quick set fill colours” since that is a distinct tab on the fill and stroke dialogue which enables engraving.


The Document Properties window- Guides-grids-snap
Make outline from text
Shape along a path, Interpolate
Floating tool windows on separate screen
The object window
The transform window
The Arrange window
Path commands
combine, break apart
Boolean - Union, Difference (ref object window) Intersection division, cut
outset, inset
Path effects

Not to be a Debbie downer, but with 10 mins and 17 topics (already, possibly more), you’re talking around 30 seconds per item.

Some stuff you may be able to learn in 30 seconds (set stroke color), but I’d surmise that most of the video really isn’t going to teach enough to someone who is actually looking to learn.

That’s my .02, that’s worth about .02 less than that.


Absolutely, there are lots of generic Inkscape videos out there and I have no interest in repeating them. I want to just focus on the tools I use everyday when designing stuff for lasering.


Very eagerly looking forward to said video :grinning:

That be wonderful, because I am still lost

Now online here:


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