Inkscape full screen(MAC OS)

I know this has nothing to do with the glowforge. But it has to do with project designing. Whenever I use Inkscape on my Mac, when I’m not near my main computer(windows). When I click the green dot to enlarge the Inkscape window, it gets bigger slightly. But it never goes full screen like a browser(chrome) or other software. The app dock is still at the bottom of the screen and the window won’t go past it. Is this just me that has this issue or is there a known way to fix it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Inkscape on a Mac is really wonky in general. It’s just a port running in an emulator. I use Affinity Designer for 90% of my GF work. I will use Inkscape to Trace bitmaps, but that’s about it.

Somewhere in the settings I thought I saw some options relating to window size and restore sizes, but I’ve not played with that in a while. For me, It always starts up spanning my 3 30" monitors! I just manually re-size it until it is where I need it.

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You can save a template with all of your preferences set, it will open by default every time you fire up the app. I have mine at full screen and it works as expected.

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