Inkscape - gradient fill, in patten along a path

I’m trying to create an ‘egg and dart’ pattern around a curved path for a fan frame.
I’ve created the pattern with little problem, which will give me a flat cut out in the GF.
Now I want to try and get really clever, by trying to engrave a 3D curve on the egg part of the pattern.
My first step was to get to grips with the gradient fill in Inkscape. Done that, but when I try to get it to follow a path, the stroke goes, but no gradient fill !
If I use a solid fill, no problem, but not a gradient fill.
Any ideas on doing this in Inkscape. (46.0 KB)

Convert the gradient fill to a bitmap copy. (Gradients have to be rasterized.)


I guess I have to export to Gimp, then re- import ?
I can see a ‘Extensions/Raster’ drop down menu in Inkscape, but don’t know if this is the route ?
EDIT Inkscape needs the egg to be a path, and wont accept my imported png image.
EDIT 2 Just noticed 'make bitmap copy, but ‘pattern along a path’ wont accept that either. :thinking:

Inkscape isn’t really my poison of choice, one of the guys might have some ideas for you. You might need to convert Object to Path or Break Group before going to Edit > Make Bitmap copy.

Or maybe make all of the copies you need before converting it to a Bitmap.

(But the gradients do need to be raster in order for the GFUI to pick them up for an engrave.)

Thanks Jules. I seem to be getting into deep water here, but I’ll enjoy the swim !
John :upside_down_face:

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I lose the fill when I pattern along path too. You can repeat the gradient on each one manually.

One note: if you use make bitmap copy it makes a copy. It does not replace the vector; it places a copy on top of your vector. You then have to go and delete all of your vectors because the glowforge will see them and will want to cut them.

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Yes those vectors will import as a path though you can create a path along the edge of a mask as well or have the vectors create a mask, then with the mask on you can paint along a path with a brush that has a gradient you want. as it will only paint inside the mask you will have just half pf the brush stroke you can then smooth it more with a Gaussian blur. I do this all the time.

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