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Can someone point me in the right direction for this issue please? I am such a newbie, both with my Glowforge and with Inkscape.

I am trying to make some monogrammed keychains of various sorts in Inkscape. I have some lovely SVGs that are made for monograms using vinyl etc, but they have an empty center.
I would like to do 2 different types of keychains - 1 that would fill that center and just engrave the initials and the other just keep the center empty but weld the letters there.

So far, I have just been trying the first option and can’t figure out at all how to fill that center to be engraved…

This seller has SVGs similar to what I am referring to:

Objects you want engraved need a fill. I suggest you take a quick look at some of the Inkscape tutorials in the Tips and Tricks category. You need to select an object and then look at its properties. Add a color for a fill, and the Glowforge will engrave it.


If you just run them as is it should have an outside cut and all the ends engraved. Then if you just cut out lots of letters they could be glued to the flat centers. You might even be able to find whole Alphabets already done the correct size and pre done.

Engraving does not require filled objects.

They don’t even need to be fully enclosed, but then you leave yourself at the mercy of the GF cloud as to how the ends of the paths are joined.

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Not sure what “weld” means, but you can engrave, cut or score any path in the Glowforge interface.

Here’s an example of a simple file that I cut to make the outline of a butterfly, but I could just as easily tell it to engrave the inner parts instead.




Inkscape offers Fill and Stroke commands. They’re accessible here:

Select a shape from one of your SVG monograms, then choose the Fill and Stroke menu to control colors and line thickness. Experiment a bit and don’t rush yourself. Inkscape seems formidable at first, but it will yield its secrets to patient experimenting.


@eflyguy and @petej - thank you both for the helpful info. I will look and experiment further when I have more time, but for the moment I found a work around. I showed the nodes, then deleted the nodes (cut lines) for that center empty circle. I uploaded the file that way to the GFUI, then dropped a circle on it & told it to score only, then dropped my monogram in also…maybe the long way around but it worked well enough for now, until I learn the intricacies of Inkscape. :smile:


I believe weld might be referring to a technique like this. Welding letters to a frame and leaving cutouts.

This uses Path > Union to combine letters to outer shapes.


The tool that @petej showed… think of the stroke as a cut or score, and think of the fill as an engrave.


Yes, exactly what I meant when saying weld. That’s a term I was familiar with because of Cricut design, but I believe union on Inkscape is what I need…will test it.


Here is the end result after doing what I said I did.
Can anyone tell me - if I go ahead and overlay my new circle to the cross in Inkscape, then save that as a new SVG, will the circle still have the option of just scoring in the GFUI?
If so, that would sure make things easier on my end since I had to upload each separately and then size them.
My monogram isn’t quite sized or spaced right either, but it’s a starting point. :slight_smile:


You would want to use a different color for any elements that you want to process separately.


Exactly the info I needed…thank you!


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