Inkscape issue to allow me to cut a file-user error I'm sure

I’m new to everything inkscape…and feel helpless:-). Someone graciously posted a field notebook template. I love it but wanted to add the holes for stitches. Someone had posted some stitches so i added this, copied pasted and moved it all around to get my stitching added. I saved it as a plain svg but when I open it in glowforge, it only gives me the option to engrave. I tried to change the color of my i.e. stitches to blue but only part of them would actually change that color using the stroke. I’m adding what I’ve done here but would appreciate some help as i try to learn how to accomplish this. I sure wish Photoshop was vector based! I’ve renamed it so many times:-)-final version…not quite!
Thank you!!leather notebook covers with stitching final version

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Everything is available to cut in the file you uploaded here.

There’s some additional stitching that only gives me engrave options…

Then those must be raster/bitmap, not vector. You can only engrave bitmaps, and it also explains why I don’t see them, as the forum software deletes embedded bitmaps from SVG files.

Convert those to vector.

How do I convert them to vector???

Honestly, instead of converting those, I’d grab the ones that are already vector, copy them and place them in the right place - but if you really want to convert:
In Inkscape
Select them
Click on Path > Trace Bitmap
Click “Ok” on the box that pops up
Now click and drag the boxes - the thing you drag is your vector, your bitmap is directly underneath it
Click and delete the bitmap.

If you’re unsure what is vector and what is bitmap - click select all (Ctl-A) and then click this icon: image (edit paths by nodes). If it has nodes, it’s a vector. If it doesn’t, it’s a bitmap.

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Thank you so much! After elfguys response I did a search because at least based on that I knew what to look for to learn. I got it to cut but it looked like it was double cutting… so charring on my leather. Sometimes it won’t allow me to ‘ungroup’ .
I hate being a novice at things🙄!
Thanks again,

The default Trace Bitmap will trace both the inside and the outside - if you have the 1.x version of Inkscape it’ll do a “centerline” trace that only gives you one line.


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Cool! Thank you!

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