Inkscape Keeps Bugging Me For Plugins

I tried using Inkscape on the Mac, but it is bothering me for various plugins. It wanted an xml plugin which I figured out how to install. Now it wants uniconvertor, which appears to not have been updated in 5 years and I can’t figure out how to install it.

Anyone had any luck finding a complete set of plugins for Inkscape on Mac OS X High Sierra?

Hrm… Did you have XQuartz & Inkscape installed before you upgraded to High Sierra? It may take a reinstall of both to straighten this out.

Just checked – I have XQuartz 2.7.11 and Inkscape 0.91 on my iMac running with High Sierra. Not getting any explicit error messages, but doesn’t seem to be drawing anything either. Almost never use Inkscape, but looks like I need to reinstall.

The behavior is technically correct. I may try a reinstall as I installed the home-brew variant and maybe that doesn’t pick up all the plugins.

InkScape is a plugin heavy environment and it really requires a bunch of plugins to be functional.

I’ll give a re-install a shot (this was a fresh install, so I’ll try a different method of installation).

This question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

The manual should probably be updated to indicate to Mac users that they should really download the official build from as the other “supported” means of installing Inkscape do not work.

Figured it out; You really must download and install Inkscape from the site. If you try to install view homebrew or macports, you’ll end up with an incomplete install and the plugins are all out of date and broken.