Inkscape living hinge path order extension mod


Started experimenting with living hinges using the Inkscape Living Hinge extension. I don’t understand how the Glowforge software decides on path cut order, but it appears to do each row one at a time, starting at the top of each line. I figured it would save some time if alternate cuts took place in the opposite direction, so I modified the extension to do that.

On a moderately sized 5"x5" hinge, it shaves off about 5%, about 45 seconds on a ~16 minute job. So it’s not a huge improvement, but it’s not nothing. If you’re doing super wide hinges, the time saving may be better.

You can try it here, just replace the existing file in your extensions folder.


Cool! I’ll add it to the Matrix and move it to Tips and Tricks! Thanks for working it up! :grinning:


Thanks! This is a nice improvement. You should submit it as a pill request on the extension’s Github site.


I’m not sure it is of general interest. The path order is only useful due to the way the Glowforge optimizes cut order. I don’t think it is following the order defined in the SVG strictly.


There is no contribution too small in open source! Not to mention there are going to be 10s of thousands of Glowforges out there!

And Thanks!


I’ve been trying to install the living hinge extension in Inkscape, but I can’t get it to come up when I go to Extensions & Render. I’m kind of a newb. I installed the Inkscape Living Hinge folder into the extensions folder of the application. I’m working on a Mac. Any help would be great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Make sure it is in the right directory. The files living_hinge.inx and must go into the top level of the extensions directory; don’t have them living in their own folder.

For me, on a Mac, they go in /Users/yourusername/.config/inkscape/extensions/.


It worked!! Thank you so much!!