Inkscape - Normal vs. Outline -all kinds of stuff still there

Hi Guys, inkscape question that you may know the answer to.

Working on a map. Cleaning it up in inkscape, source data from open maps.

I clipped the area I wanted (putting a rectangle over the area, selecting all so I thought, and using Object -> Clip -> Set), and in normal view all is right with the world. (1st pic)

However, when I looked in outline view (second Pic), many of the paths (but not all) are still there. I cant seem to get rid of it. When I select all (either CTRL A, or CTRL ALT A) in normal or outline view, only the stuff in the page area gets selected. If I click node edit I can get to the these outside areas. All layers unlocked. Though the object, clip set was the way to crop, but guessing not if all this other stuff still lives there. Any ideas?


Yeah clipping paths are not supported by glowforge, clips are nondestructive. You want to break your paths apart, which can be done fairly smoothly, but will always be fiddly.

Unfortunately, you uploaded pngs so I can’t just do it. The bottom line is that you’ll need to do a number of booleans (I’d lean heavily on cut path, but divide would probably work too) to actually break the paths.

If you upload the actual svg I can do a couple of the steps and provide screenshots.


I did a quick case. If you create a clip-path and then a bitmap from a clipped item the image will be clipped but you may need to scale it up to get a decent bitmap. I didn’t and there was some funkiness. then if you do a Trace Bitmap and you will have a vector file you will want to go in and clean up, but will make a sharper engrave when you do.

Here is the new Png

and the new SVG as far as I took them…


Thank you for your assistance, and for outlining a process that could work. I will play around with the process some more this week to see if it gets me where I think I am am headed. Thanks!

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A couple days behind you here but one work around for this situation is to open the .png into a program where you can crop it. (I use Then open it in Inkscape and select path, trace bit map.

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