Inkscape not working?

Hi everyone, I was able to create a template for ornaments and when finalizing, I noticed my drawing tool does not seem to respond to creating anything such as simple circles or squares anymore. I probably changed something in the settings by accident, but even when I opened a brand new page to create a new template, it just doesnt work. I entered the width and lenght in mm, but it keeps going back to zero and no picture drawn. Here is a screenshot of my blank page after clicking on the drawing a circle icon and trying to draw it, but yet nothing at all. Please help. Can I perhaps reset inkscape back ! TY

Chances are you have no stroke or fill set.

Oh wait, you have opacity set to 3 in the lower left.

Put it to 100%. You’re almost transparent.


I entered the fill anad stroke, but it keeps reverting to zero.

Thanks, I will try.

Thanks! It is amazing to have this community. Appreciate your help!:smiley:


No problem. Opacity can be really useful when you’re trying to find overlapping shapes or lines, but if you accidentally set it to near zero that will bite you. :slight_smile:


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