Inkscape Pattern to SVG help

Hi all! Forgive me please if this has been asked before, but I searched and can’t find it.
I am trying to apply patterns to solid svg shapes in Inkscape (to make earrings with engraved patterns). I watched a couple of tutorials on Youtube using the “set clip” function and was so excited that it would be so simple. However, when I do that and upload the new image to GFUI it is not at all right. The image looks right in Inkscape, but the upload to GFUI isn’t the same. GFUI shows the original pattern I was pulling from (even though when I set clip in Inkscape, it is no longer visible.) Plus it says something about setting a clip path to a cut path.
What am I doing wrong?


The GF does not support clip paths. If you post a screenshot from Inkscape, one of us might be able to suggest how to achieve that in a way that is supported.


Select the pattern you clipped, click “Edit” then “Make a Bitmap Copy” in the top menu, and you’ll now have something you can engrave that matches what’s on your screen. Delete the vector original from behind the new bitmap copy.


Exactly the info I needed! Thank you so much!


You should spend more time with us here, you might be surprised at what you can learn. :sunglasses:


If anything, this is the most helpful bunch of :glowforge: enthusiasts you will find anywhere, and most are willing to invest their time answering questions, and sharing their experience with helpful tips.


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