InkScape property settings for Glowforge

I just received my GF. I’m excited to get going. I will be designing in Inkscape which is new to me (ugg). Are there defaults settings specified somewhere for Inkscape that I should set for working with GF to help me?


This is THE resource for everything Glowforge.

You’ll find all kinds of good info. if you go to the middle of the post you see “The Matrix” and Designing with 2D Vector Software.

Here is the direct link: 2D Software Matrix with lots of good info including setup.


The biggest two things to do with inkscape is to get familiar with setting up a default template and installing a custom template.

You’ll use the default template (probably) to set up a page size of 19.5" by 10.9" (close enough to the laserable limits) which will help you in understanding placement and fitting parts on your workspace.

You’ll use the color palette to assist in setting up order operations.

(or, if you don’t like videos)


I also had never touched Inkscape before ordering the Glowforge and I would highly recommend “just playing” with it without any plans wandering through all the commands just looking at what they do till you are comfortable with how you would imagine getting to a goal. One thing I have found is that folks will learn a few favorite things and complicate what they do without finding or ever learning other processes.

I did have an advantage as it was several months before I actually had my plans on an actual Glowforge so Inkscape kept me from freaking out at how long it was taking, so when Puff did arrive I was by then at least competent in Inkscape. Also If you are not already familiar with a Pixel Graphic Program then Gimp is a needed companion as Inkscape is pretty lame in that area. And of course the same “play” is needed to get your hands around that.

Welcome to the new universe other do not suspect is there BTW :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The tutorials will cover this but it deserves special mention. Some of the default preferences make a difference.


Awesome. Thank you for the info!


I learned Inkscape many years ago with these videos. They’re pretty old, but the interface hasn’t changed too much over the years.

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Don’t forget the “first three prints” tutorials - the third one will walk you through all the Inkscape basics.


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