Inkscape Question- Making solid stroke lines

Hey! New to glowforge and Inkscape, it seems very doable so far but some small details are getting frustrating.

I have this design that I’m working on, I want to cut the red and score the blue, but the problem is with the score lines-
It takes my lines (drawn in procreate) and creates an outline for each individual line-
When I printed it it looks good, but it’s an unnecessary amount of scoring when each outline could be a single line.

I want to turn the single lines (in blue) into single scores, instead of it scoring around the border of the line. If that makes sense.

On top of it being unnecessary for the final look, it also creates the tiniest of cavities of masking to remove in the end, which is insanely difficult.

I put pictures below

Does anyone have any tricks or tips?
Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forum.

If you search “double lines” or “double cut” you will get several posts that address this exact issue. Basically you need to remove one of the lines in Inkscape since Procreate is not a vector program but creates rasters.

By the way, nice drawing.


Also… weeding tip


Thanks for the help!
I’ve still been pulling my hair out over this. I understand how to do it now, but with my design being so elaborate it’s a nightmare to go through and delete nodes section by section.
I tried downloading the auto line extension to Inkscape but It won’t download properly to my computer. I’ll call it quits for a while until I have a better idea on how to do it easily.

If you have two separate lines around the raster line you can use Path>Break Apart and then grabbing one of the lines and deleting it is easy. If the line is retracing itself you just need to break apart the nodes at the end and then use the path break apart.

What you’re looking for is called a centerline trace. The newest version of inkscape has the functionality but I haven’t tried it.

More info:

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