Inkscape Quit saving files

InkScape worked fine yesterday and now it will not save any files and at time it says it cannot find the file. I have tried everything i can think of including restarting the computer.

Anyone have any ideas???

Hmm, it sounds like it might be a hardware issue? Is everything else saving properly?

Did you move any folders around lately?

What OS are you using? Mac? Windows?

My recent weirdness in inkscape was solved by shutting down inkscape, renaming the preferences file, and restarting the program. Our issues were completely different, but it might help rule out inkscape as the culprit if it doesn’t fix the problem.

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If the rest of the OS is working right uninstall then reinstall. This fixes 90% of the problems like this.


I’m using Windows and none on programs will svg files anywhere they say file not found. I’m currently resetting windows. We’ll see if that works. I have uninstalled Inkscape and reinstalled it that didn’t work.

Oh man, I hate OS wide problems like this. Good luck!


Well so much for that. None of my programs will start only thing I can do is access the internet. So I guess it’s time for a new one.

Before I went out and bought a new computer i’d Take down to the bare metal so to speak. Most windows computers have a section of the hard drive set up to return you to how it came out of the box.


I have had this laptop for 10 years . it time to for new anyway…


Do you have any utilities for checking for disk errors? Because if it can’t find a file it just knew about, and it can’t save new files, and you haven’t done anything interesting in the interim…

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In that case this is a good excuse.

That would be great if it would let me into the setting to start it but all i can do is get to the internet…

it’s a virus, or a bad / failing hard drive.
10 yr old laptop? probably the hard drive
On windows, press start, then run, then type CMD. Dos box opens. Type Chkdsk c: /f
it will ask you if you want to do it on restart. Say yes. Reboot. Wait for the results.


That’s what i figured and it’s a good excuse to go get a new one… I’m to fricking old to play around and try to fix it. I’ll give it to my son he’s an IT guy and loves fixing these things he’s the one that kept running this long…


yeah, but the change from windows7 to windows 10 might fry your brain…

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it’s been fried for years


You got your money’s worth out of it.
I replaced an 8 year old 2GHz 4gig RAM laptop with a new build work station for my design work.
3.4GHz with 32 gigs memory with solid-state drives. I decided to get the memory upgrades out of the way from the start. It installed Windows 10 in just under 5 minutes, and opens Photoshop or Inkscape in about 5 seconds.

You are in for a treat when you upgrade.