Inkscape Recommendation?

Ok so I have been dabbling with Inkscape for a bit, but I still cannot get the hang of it. I am technologically inclined but it is defeating me lol. So I saw a book on Amazon, “Inkscape for beginners”. Do you all recommend this or is there something better?


The Matrix is free…and geared towards laser use:


There are also many tutorials on YouTube. “Logos by Nick” has (iirc) a 63-video series just for Inkscape.


It’s easy enough, once you have paid the meager price of learning new software… you’re almost there, pay the ferryman and unleash your imagination. Jules pointed the way. You Tube is also your friend.


Awesome I’ll give it a try

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Thank you!

I always go back to these tutorials.

And this book:


Try the “No Waffle Guide to Inkscape and GLowforge” at

Or try this series:

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Don’t give up on Inkscape. The learning curve is not as bad as AI, and it is a whole lot cheaper. (free) I use inkscape all day long, and while I am not an expert, I am pretty good at it. You can always find a youtube video for whatever issue you have on Inkscape.

I think this may depend on what software you have used in the past. I tried Inkscape and it is probably the only program that I ever truly felt defeated. Switched to Illustrator and picked it up in no time. I consider myself fairly computer literate, have used many different programs over the years.

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