Inkscape: Score inside of a defined shape

I have a file I want to score - but I’d like the score to be inside of a circle shape. Is that possible? I’d like for the Herringbone pattern to be in the shape of a circle.

You could make a duplicate of the circle, then click the pattern and circle hit difference.


Don’t quote me on it…I’m not sure how well it works with a scored design…looking for a pattern right now to try it out…

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To be clear, you want to cut out the circle with the pattern, correct?

Two approaches - (1) create the score pattern so that the cut circle just fits inside it, then score and cut. You’ll waste a tiny bit material at the corners and a couple of seconds, but that’s the easiest. (2) perform a Boolean operation to trim the score pattern down to the cut boundary in whatever vector editor you’re using.

Good luck!

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Free background remover | Trace is a free site that will allow you to get rid of the things outside of the circle. Copy and paste/upload to the site. Works like a charm on pictures. Hope it helps.

Oh man, newbie without enough info.

Unfortunately, Trace only works on bitmaps (photos) so is useless for score operations.

Okay, for inkscape. I have a pattern, and a circle.

I will duplicate the circle (Ctrl-D) (do not click off the circle).
Then go to Object-lower to bottom.
Then shift-click the pattern so that you have both the circle on the bottom, and the pattern selected, and then click Path-Difference.

This will give you both the pattern in a circle shape, and the cut line around it. Just be sure to make sure the cut line and the pattern different colors.


When I try to use the Difference option - it just leaves me with the Circle and a Rectangle.

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I didn’t create the pattern - I purchased it. As I’m not familiar enough with the software. I am trying to figure out what the Boolean operation is that I need to do to trim the score pattern down.

Ok- @CMadok ‘s instructions are correct, but it all depends on getting the right pieces of the herringbone selected. Without having the pattern file in hand, I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that the herringbone isn’t a single object, but a group of individual blocks.

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Do you have an easy way to tell? I’m very new to Inkscape and haven’t been able to properly Google anything - mainly I think I’m lost on the terminology I need to use.

I would click the pattern, ungroup it several times, then hit ctrl-k. It will combine all the paths. I’d make sure it’s a score and not an engrave though, in the bottom left you should see a stroke and fill. If it’s got a fill, then you’re pattern is going to score funny because it will be the outline of that fill.

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If it’s an engrave a intersection would do the trick.

I thought intersection would work at first, but then i realized they said score, so I changed my response :rofl:

It worked! Thank you! I think I was letting go over the Apple key when doing the shift select part!


I got it to work! Thank you so much!

Great! Glad you got it worked out!