Inkscape Size Vs Glowforce Size Vs Actual Size

Say I make a circle in inkscape that’s 2 inches, and on the GFUI it shows up as like 4.5 inches (and then so I resize to be on the GFUI, and then print it ends up as 2.3 inches. you guy have any tricks to make it more accurate in sizing? right now none of my project actually matter for accurate sizing, but I could see this being a major issue later on.

Check your export settings in Inkscape. I design down to <1/10th mm in Inkscape for joints between parts, and it prints exactly what I tell it to.

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The Glowforge assumes 96 DPI I believe. Check what DPI your Inkscape is using. There are lots of posts in the forum about this resizing issue, but I’m not able to search for them right now.

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  1. Save as a native SVG
  2. Double checking your settings on the Document Properties. Here is what I use.
  3. use a 20x12 artboard. That helps keep sizing consistent too. Any design will appear exactly in the same place in the bed every time. That can be helpful with alignments, especially jigs.

What everyone else is saying, but I see “make” above. Did you download the original file from somewhere? Downloaded SVGs can have really weird default DPI that can completely upend the GF UI. If you add a circle to a downloaded random SVG you may find it to be really weird.

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I made the circle

Watch this video and follow the steps, Worked out great for me. I just use this template and work in real world numbers in inkscape. say i want a circle 2" i make one in inkscape and save it and it transfers over just perfect
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I just made a drawing template in (inkscape) for kicks and the ruler on it came out exactly as it was supposed to. I always save the svg exactly in the format inkscape defaults to and never have any problem. Just be careful not to accidently resize it once you have it on the glowforge.

20mm circle:

Uploaded to GF UI:
Then cut:

(Kerf is ~.2 for this material)


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