Inkscape SVG dimensions shrunk

All the svg files I designed for laser cutting have randomly all shrunk. Let’s say I designed a cut file to make a 60 mm diameter circle and when I now open the file it measures at 45 mm. I have no idea what happened. It’s happened with at least three of my files.
Does anyone know what caused this or how to fix it?

I am running version 1.0

This might be helpful:

I have been using this and have not had any issues.


It is pretty awesome and I am definitely going to use this in the future, thank you for sharing :slight_smile: However, I don’t think will help with my current problem :frowning:

How sure are you about those dimensions?

They don’t quite sound like a DPI issue, but they’re not out of the question.

Are you estimating or was it exactly 60 to 45?

Open the template and try to copy your current SVG into it, to see what happens.

If it is off, it is likely that the original is already messed up by some other process.

Very sure, unfortunately. I have previously cut from the same files and when I measure those pieces I get 60 mm but now when I open the Inkscape file it measures 45.386 mm.

Let’s see. That’s about 25% shrinkage, which is nowhere near the 90-96 dpi conversion. I am afraid I don’t have an answer.

Are you familiar with the mathematical way to precisely resize things in inkscape? We can at least get it scaled properly back up.

You might also want to see if there are any reported bugs with 1.0 or text with a previous versionof inkscape to see if it reverts back.

I have already preformed that experiment. It’s actually how I figured out something was wrong. I nested my pieces on a new Inkscape file, cut it on my Glowforge and then realized the significant size difference.

If it was just one file, I would chalk it up to user error, but this has happened to multiple files that I haven’t open in months.

Have you tried closing inkscape, deleting or renaming your preferences file, and then restarting?

Inkscape will generate a new pristine prefs file. It would rule some things out.

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I am not familiar with the mathematical way to precisely resize things in Inkscape. It sounds like you do though? :slight_smile:

I will check for reported bugs, but this originally happened yesterday and I was still using 0.92.4 and just installed the up to 1.0 hoping that would fix the problem.

Preference file? Where would I find that?

What’s your OS?

Windows 10

Resizing method:

Ah, here we go, the most thorough example:


Open a file explorer window and go to:


You’ll find preferences.xml. Rename it and start inkscape back up.

As for resizing: In your specific case you mentioned, you’d select all and then lock the aspect ratio, and add *60/45.386 to either the X or Y size.

Your 45.386 pieces will now be 60.


I tried renaming the preference.xml file, but that didn’t fix the problem.

However, I tried the resizing method you brought to my attention and that works at the very least.

I truly appreciate all this help, I cannot thank you enough. You have turned my frustration and fear of re-doing all my files into a simple resizing process. Again, thank you.

No worries. That resizing method is really handy, glad it is of some use for you.

@eflyguy is pretty sneaky, maybe he as an idea about this resizing?

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