Inkscape template

Permissions issue, maybe? I just followed the directions in the first post, and it worked for me.

If I am using a chromebook, is there a way to save the template for easy use?

Yes, you can create a Glowforge template in Inkscape. I am on a Mac so I don’t know the exact steps for your version of Inkscape. Look for an online tutorial, it isn’t difficult. As I remember it is basically just a document size of 20" x 12" and guidelines if you want, etc.

Maybe this will help: Glowforge Template for Inkscape video steps


Will Inkscape even run on a chrome book?

I have been searching for this comment, and let me tell you- you just saved me a serious headache! :smiley: Thank you!


It looks like the Inkscape beta for MacOS has changed where it looks for templates. Instead of ~/.config/inkscape/templates/, you need to place the templates in Inkscape/Contents/Resources/share/inkscape/templates. You can open up Inkscape by right clicking and choosing “Show package contents”


Thank you for this! I was pulling out my hair trying to figure it out. I got as far as 25415Inkscape.Inkscape_9waqn51p1ttv2 but couldn’t figure out which folder to drop it in from there.


Yeah, this template is awesome. I use it all the time. This really belongs in Tips and Tricks!!

Thank you! This helped me find the exact spot to put the template on my Mac. May you be abundantly blessed!

My computer thinks this file is unsafe and won’t let me download it.

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I’m sorry that your computer won’t accept this file. Are you on a right clicking on the link and choosing “save link as”? There have been 600 clicks on the link, so it is odd you are the only one reporting this. I am on a Mac and just tested the link again and it worked. I have not installed in into Inkscape, however which is what it is designed for.

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This site marked now as unsafe by most browsers as it’s not an httpS site. Any chance of updating this post? Cheers, Ed in Ohio.

Oh wow, I haven’t thought about that site in a while. I should definitely fix that, thanks for flagging.

Edit: now hosted on HTTPS

Even easier (at least for me on my Mac) is to go into Inkscape/Preferences/System. The fifth entry down is User Templates. It shows the path, but even better, there is an icon to open the destination in Finder! I just copied the svg from my download folder to that folder and it shows in the Open from template menu!