Inkscape users: is there a way to do an "offset path" with a specific numerical offset?

I was looking at Inkscape on a Mac and could not find a way to enter in a number when using Path > Outset or Path > Dynamic Offset. The first one just offsets by “some” and the second function has a drag handle.

I know there are lots of happy users here and controlling offset is important for kerf compensation, so I am hoping I am missing something.

In Illustrator terms, this is the tool I am looking for.

Thanks if you have any tips for me!



Thank you kindly, that should do it!

Just remember that offset only works well for kerf compensation for simple objects. You’re generally better off setting your line thickness to your kerf, going to Path->Stroke to Path and then do a break apart and deleting one of them. This won’t work on shapes with sharp turns in the path, but it is better.


There is definitely more control available in Illustrator, those settings have been necessary sometimes. We’ll see how it goes with Inkscape. I will keep that other method in mind too.

They wouldn’t have much of a business model if it didn’t. I hate on Adobe for a lot of things, but not for the power of most of their tools.


Union or intersection is often faster depending on your needs.


You can also use the little paint bucket icon in Inkscape to enlarge or shrink the shape by a set number/dimension. I think it is a good tool for these sorts of things.


I’ve been having this same issue - thanks for posing the question and extra thanks to all who provided solutions!

I always use dynamic offset and the xml editor. No guessing!

  • Select object
  • Dynamic offset
  • Open xml editor
  • Enter inkscape.radius value with units, e.g. “.006in”, negative for inset

Good to know that is possible, thanks.

I’m going to have to explore this XML editor that everybody keeps talking about .


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