Inlace: resinous material for an inlay

Has anyone used “Inlace” a resin inlay material found here. It looks like it could be useful for inlays on laser engraved objects. Is this kind of material known by other names?


I have never used inlace, but I have done polyester inlay using products from smooth-on ( They have some really nice optically clear casting resins that take dye for different colors. I have mixed all kinds of crazy stuff into the cast (metal shavings, sand, sawdust, tea leaves, broken glass, etc.). It takes some experimenting but the results can be amazing. You need REALLY GOOD ventilation, a good respirator, and long gloves.


I also don’t have any direct experience with Inlase, but the process is quite common. You should be able to find lots of info on process and examples out there by searching for resin inlays or crushed stone inlay. I have crushed turquoise, copper powder and various dyes on hand for resin inlays (you can use CA glue too). I am excited to see how I can incorporate them into my Glowforge workflow!

I have not used Inlase, but looking at it did remind me of Envirotex, which we used for a bottle-cap bartop in college. I found a quick video of someone doing a table with it, using broken crockery. Must try to find photos of the bartop that we made, it looked great and held up to the abuse of a Boulder party house for several years. It is now in storage in vail (and still looks great) last I heard.


Interesting! I wonder what makes it different from something like Envirotex or ICE Resin.

A really good, artist grade is Really wonderful product that fits very well in my studio.


That looks like a good one. I remember having to avoid the two part products in the past because they were so nasty to use. I am glad the technology has improved!

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The ArtResin is stunningly simple to use and gives really clear results. A heat gun trumps a blow torch to pop the bubbles any day. Have not heard from anyone complaining about any yellowing. But it will crack on canvas. That was not fun. On canvas I use acrylic pouring medium. No fumes with it either.


This stuff is fantastic! Easy to work with and gives a crystal clear finish!

Artresin is a two-part product, but its low vapor and doesn’t give me a headache when I work with it the way even small amounts of other products can- even with good ventilation. I’ve worked with a lot of resin for my art and Artresin is expensive
but worth every dime.