Inlaid valet tray

Wow, another gorgeous project. Most inspirational!


:exploding_head: This one?

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Every time, man… Every time. I go “Yeah yeah… Another @evansd2 inlay project… probably more spirally things. I’m sure it’ll be quite nice… just like the last ones.” And then I look. And EVERY TIME… I just drool over it!!! It’s just so skillfully executed and lovely! I can’t tell you how much I want to apply your techniques and attempt to come close to what you’ve been able to do! (Is there a store where one can purchase additional time in one’s life?)


I actually almost didn’t post about this one because I feel like I post too many trays… so you’re not the only one who thinks that. :slight_smile:

I liked the way the flower came out though, so…


At 87 I’ve been looking for that store for a long time

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Oh hey, one thing you might want to see:

Test inlays. You can see how the design changed over time as I widened and extended the “stems” of the leaves. Initial tests nearly burned it off entirely. That’s the balancing act, making curves and features large enough so that they will inlay nicely without overburn.

I sanded the right side one, and realized the stems were too short and skinny.

Almost got it on the left, the stems are still a bit too thin and sharp pointed on the tips. I didn’t bother to sand this one, I could see what I wanted to change. I widened them slightly and rounded the tips, and did the final cut and inlay that you see on the tray.


NOT AT ALL! Understand my point is that the posts are always awesome!!!


Yeah, that’s one–though somewhere I’ve seen one w/ a mushroom cloud… or maybe just imagined that…

It depends on your device as to how the emoticon is rendered. On my phone, the reply has the cloud but when it hits Discourse it turns into the red exploded brain (at least when viewed in the phone).

Your mastery at inlay and kerf is astounding! Love to see all you do, so don’t ever hold back!


Excellent as usual.
Do you reverse the inlay to help with the cut slope? Yes, you have inlay nailed down!

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Yes I do. The trick is to flip one side of the inlay horizontally. The flower petals had to be mirrored so that the piece fit properly.

I talk about this in a bit more detail in my other tray posts.


I thought I remembered that, thanks! Beautiful job on that man.


So beautiful!!! Please never hold back your work. It’s so amazing!

Our lives have blown up with family emergencies, losses, etc. My Glowforge time is … try to keep up with “NEW” on the forum. When life calms down … I’m going to read all your notes on inlays, and have a go!


Yikes! So much happening everywhere I do hope you can at least land on your feet. :hugs: :heart:


When life calms you will find me on my feet … Ready to push the button on the Glowforge. :rainbow:


Oh dear…I am so sorry to hear that. I know…everyone goes through some tough times…but still… I’ll be happy for you when everything smooths out again.


Yeah, I hope you get back up to full speed soon too! We’re kind of scrambling this morning as well. (It must be the season for it.) :confused:


I sincerely hope life calms down for you and your family. Thinking about future Glowforge projects may provide temporary distractions from worries.

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Beautiful work!

Question for you, where did you get the Padauk from? Is it any easier to cut then Sapele?