Inlay playing card design update!

On the left, different paints and a revised design. Laser cut wood inlay of an 18th century design for a one-eyed jack of spades. (The one on right is first test design with stains).

Next step. Glue and mounting. I’m also going to do another one using the revised design in the left but using stains on the right (lighter colors though).


Like the coloring you do on the veneer.

The paint or the stains?

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The stains I like because they match the veneer so well.

i agree with the stains. the paint covers up the grain in the wood more.


The artwork on the card itself is fascinating and wonderful, but you brought it up another whole level with the beautiful coloring work. I like both techniques…they’re very different.


I also like the stains, but they’re both beautiful.