Inlay Squirtle Video Streams: Clip Art to Photoshop to Illustrator to Glowforge

I keep posting these inlay examples so I figured I might post some streams of the process.

They are not tutorials as much as they are live versions of me walking through the process.

Part 1: Photoshop - I convert the clipart into a thick lined image designed for cutting (45 min)

Part 2: Illustrator - I convert the PNG from Photoshop into Illustrator and adjust the cuts designed to inlay on the Glowforge (25 min)

Part 3: The Glowforge - I cut the SVG on the Glowforge and also go back to Illustrator and create different cuts if I was going to inlay in plexi (21 min)

Part 4: Unload the Glowforge - I unload from the Glowforge. This is from my phone - sorry for the quality it was my first twitch from the phone! Also sorry about the echo on the first three - I think I had a second microphone on. (12 min)

Do people want me to post more of these?


Thanks for taking the time to post these.

Great job with them! Excellent tutorials on the process.

I’m going to be up front with you…I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to move these to the Tutorials section or not since they do very clearly demonstrate how to circumvent copyright and watermark on a well known figure. (And that’s a big no-no here.) You do mention it’s for Personal Use Only, but that’s a distinction that might not be understood by beginners, and I suspect you wouldn’t want anyone to get into trouble over it.

If you would like to resubmit the process on something you drew, or that is free for public use, I think the videos would be a fantastic and helpful addition to the Tutorials section for beginners to learn from. I’d love to see it happen. In order to clear these, I would have to run it past Dan. (And this might just be me being excessively cautious, or I might be overthinking it, but I don’t want anyone to get into trouble because I made the wrong call.)

(I hate to ask you to rework them because those are some of the best training vids I’ve seen and it’s clear how much time and thought went into them. I’m kind of caught though.)


Actually the watermark was not from the original copyright holder! And half of the images just had the watermark without disturbing the image.

The watermark was for the place that was hosting these images (which probably are also a copyright violation on their end).

My removing of their tag was the least of tutorial :slight_smile: But good point all around!

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Oh and more videos are coming :slight_smile:

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Oh good! (And yeah, I know they likely didn’t have rights to the image either, but I was concerned about showing the process here on a non-original image in case of liability. It could conceivably be argued that by putting it into a semi-official tutorials area, that Glowforge condoned it as a practice, and they have specifically stated that they don’t. Another individual was removed from the forum for doing something similar, so I don’t want to risk it and be wrong. It’s unfortunately a gray area.)

Wow! Thank you so much for making and posting videos of the process. I believe many a GF owner will take a gander, me included.

Do I need to remove both of my Pokémon posts until I have some more appropriate? I’ve seen other posts involving Star Wars Marvel etc before

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I don’t think so. The Made on a Glowforge category is more or less a Gallery for people to show off what they have made, and as long as it is a personal use item, it shouldn’t draw any fire. There are plenty of fan-art submissions that deal with copyrighted items. We just have to watch anything that looks “official”, and by that I mean I can’t shift those particular tutorials into the Tutorials section.

(Much as I’d like to.)

I’ll make something special that you can move there soon then!


I’d kiss you, but I’d probably be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior! :wink::kissing_heart:
(Thanks for understanding.)

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