Inlays boys and girls

We totally remodeled the upstairs area in our office to allocate about 1000 sq feet of space for 3 year olds to run wild since it is a bit risky to send them off to preschool now. We added two bathrooms (there were none upstairs before), and my wife asked me to make some signs to designate the boys restroom and girls

This gave me an opportunity to try acrylic inlay to walnut plywood. There are definitely some air gaps, but I will fill them in with clear resin later to better secure the figures in place.

My wife suggested typical figures. But I decided to go with something with which young kids could better identify. My young twins recognized themselves immediately so it worked.


I still haven’t figured out how to make a great silhouette of the kids. If you have any tips that would be amazing. These came out wonderful.

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Logos by Nick has some great tutorials on cropping images. Once you create the path, you can use it to create silhouettes.

I think he has them for Gimp and Illustrator as well, but here’s a recent one for Inkscape:


For silhouettes I have done of real people, I remove the background so only the image to be silhouetted remains. I then do a dark paint fill in the image. I then take the inage over to illustrator and do a trace to convert it to vector. I then fine tune points in the outline as necessary

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Those are really great! Awesome choice of poses too! LOL

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I imported a photo into my vector program and traced around it. (This is my granddaughter, for the “kick like a girl” sign I made for her.)


I can’t believe they’re three already!!!

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@geek2nurse That is awesome.
@gmckayca I will try it out, thank you.
@eflyguy Thank you again!

Can’t wait to have time to try it out… :slight_smile:

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They are really fun signs! Love the inlay.

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