me too. per oz way cheaper.

There are bigger, at work we get gallon bottles. We use CA for fuming fingerprints. Don’t try it at home…the fumes are quite dangerous.

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Whoa! I can imagine it would not be good to huff those fumes. ha ha

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Exactly. I’m not as impressed with the epoxy results as I am with the CA, though admittedly I didn’t use the best epoxy for it, I just used what I had on hand.

I used this:

I had other CA on hand, but everything I read said you want it super thin, and that’s not what I had. This stuff sets FAST. (Like blink your eyes fast)

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Decided I wanted to try something a little more intricate, so I did these. My only complaint is that it shows every little flaw in the wood grain. I thought I even prepped it pretty good to avoid this. Guess not.


Beautiful detail!:grinning:

Good to know! I’ll look into it.

Could you seal the pores of the wood with some shellac or some other seal coat, then engrave them and add the powder?

I must say, I like the look very much…almost like it is raining in the scene with the tree!

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Be careful. VERY CAREFUL when sanding, cutting or grinding heavy metals, including copper.
Copper is easy to work with and gets people into trouble because it is so common and they do not think of it as anything exotic or dangerous.
If you think steel dust is bad, at least it won’t kill you.

If making copper particles (dust) of any caliper you will want good ventilation and masks.

Your body can rid itself of little amounts here and there, but I for one am not going to test where the tipping point is between removing it and causing harm.


You’re totally right about that. Our bodies don’t take well to metallic intake.
I always use the 3M respirator I have when doing this kind of thing.

Awesome effect! Thanks for sharing.

This is super cool.

I can see the wood grain catches the metal powder unintentionally, but with a good mask…?

I ordered this last year and have really liked it, but I am not even an amateur glue expert.
There are four different types, each with its own viscosity, so you can decide, which one(s) you use the most. I haven’t had any of it go “bad” on me.


I’ve heard good things about the 2-P10 stuff.

a pound of copper powder just appeared in a box on my desk.