I do a lot of inlay stuff on my GF, mostly wood on wood, but I read something last week on metal powder inlays and I decided to give it a shot.

My third attempt, and I’m pretty happy with it. Walnut with Dobie inlay from copper metal powder.


Oh, THAT could make for some intricate designs!

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Never heard of copper powder…looks like a cool technique! :grinning:

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Wow, that looks GREAT. Would you mind sharing your source for the copper powder?

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You can get all types of metal powder. I have stainless steel on the way.



those look great. what’s the process for turning the copper into the inlay? is there something you mix it with?

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Thank you for the source!

Yes, you can use a 2 part epoxy or CA. These were done with CA.


Ooooo, I’ve got to try this! I’ve got all the stuff–epoxy resin, metal powders, laser, wood, the works! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Nice, nice nice.

Add to my list of to dos.

More things to add to the “to try” list.

Thanks! That would do the trick for a number of projects I have in mind. How did you finish it?

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

nice cold cast! looks great!

Fantastic! How does the powder set up into something solid? Do you sand it down? It looks like you possibly did.

EDIT: I saw that you mixed CA with it.

i looked at a couple of youtube videos last night. CA or epoxy, plus a sand down at the end if you want it to be flush and smooth with the surface.

my copper powder gets here next monday. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I really like the idea of this. Do you have a CA glue you prefer? I had some Gorilla brand, but I guess it can go bad? I’m only halfway through a not-very-old bottle and it takes a long time to dry…like over 15 min. That’s not right. Even on paper…it just won’t seem to set up.

i haven’t really used the thin stuff. i’ve been using gorilla gel, but i don’t think that will work here. so i ordered a big bottle of the thin stuff from amazon. no idea if it’s anything special or if it has a shelf-life.


That’s the biggest bottle of it I’ve ever seen!