Inline fan for GF pro

Hello I am new with GF and I have ordered my GF pro and was wondering what is the best inline fan and size I can add to my GF? Thanks!!

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I used this setup for my Pro, and it works beautifully:

It’s this fan:


I also have a Cloudline S6 and highly recommend it.

Thanks will purchase it today so I will have it when my GF arrives. I have a lot to learn and will be reaching out again soon.

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The best tip I can give you is keep reading the forum and use the search function often.


If you don’t want to deal with up-sizing your exhaust I use two of these:

one right at the back of the :glowforge: and one at the window (the one at the back of the :glowforge: isn’t needed, but it means the smoke evacuates way faster.)

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I use the cloudline s6. I got extravagant and bought the slide on adapters as well. So the 4" comes out of the GF, then onto the adapter which easily slides on and off of the fan (so I don’t have to have a blast gate). I made a 2 layer cap on the GF to cover it to keep the Indiana State Birds out (stink bugs). Then out the other side to the attached adapter, to a 4" hose to the window. (I only did that because I couldn’t find a 6" exhaust port at our local Home Depot.)


Me too. Works great