Inline fan questions

Your thoughts on an in-line fan on a 12 foot run with two bends?

I don’t really know enough to have terribly helpful thoughts… I guess the CFM of the fan and the diameter of the fan and duct and bends would factor in. I know there are people who vent up to the roof, and in our previous house my GF vented into the bathroom vent duct (more than 12 feet, and without an inline fan) so it seems like it should work ok.

A search for “inline fan” should bring up a whole lot of previous discussions that might be more informative than I’m able to be. :slight_smile:



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A definite need I think. At that distance 300 CFM minimum though it will probably need 6"to 4" fitters. You cannot have too much, but too little and you will at least be cleaning several times as often, if not smoked out.

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