Inline fan? Should the "Glowforge filter attached" be on or off

I’m posting this here because I have heard so many opinions on this. I am hoping someone from GF will answer this once and for all. Some say if you have an inline fan attached and venting thru a window you should NOT have the “Glowforge Filter attached” option ticked on. Equally as many folks say it should be ticked off.
What does GF say about this?

GF does not officially support venting with an external inline fan. They only support the venting process provided - 4" dryer hose less than 10 ft in length with up to two 90 degree bends leading to the outside of the house. The internal fan is used for exhaust.

Any other methods are the responsibility of the user to determine suitability and support.

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Everything Glowforge has to say is in the manual. Anything beyond that is not supported, and belongs in the “Beyond the Manual” forum.

Your post opened a support ticket, however, so they’ll still be along to check in.

It will absolutely depend on the strength of your fan, the length of your tubing, and even the material you’re cutting!

The official answer from GF is that they do not officially support any modifications to the machine. That switch was put there solely for the use with the external filter.

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