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love this! if it can be worked out how to control the thing and change the motion to clearpath servos I am all in when the warranty is up. would help the speeds so much.

However, I am useless at electronics and control… mechanical design is my thing


Welcome to…

Watching, with great intent


Great documentation! Looking forward to seeing where it goes. I will pitch in if I can.


Great job!


On the one hand, I’m not the type to replace the firmware in a working unit. On the other, it is great that you are working on something that could be a fallback position if things did go south for Glowforge.

The hardware documentation looks fantastic and could come in very helpful in post-warranty troubleshooting.



I have to say: that is a nice piece if engineering. I didn’t know who the GF folks outsourced that to, but they did a good job.


How can i throw Money at you ? Is there a PayPal Donation Button ?


Excellent documentation.


Not sure how I can contribute, but looking forward to where this goes!


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use Cartesian Coordinates @scott.wiederhold !!!

I would LOVE to be able to use Mach3 with the GlowForge to drive the X,Y motors and also drive the laser. And would be willing to contribute to this endeavor!

I’m really surprised someone has not moved this to Beyond the Manual.


Id be fine replacing the drivers as part of a swap to servo motors as well.