Insert for the board game Puzzle Strike

First, I started a thread on the game’s page at If you want to see my current foam core solution go there.

It’s my favorite game, it was my first foam core project. So I figured it would be great as my first Glowforge project.

I posted this in another thread.

The game contains a whole bunch of poker chip sized cardboard chips that need to be organized. I am making two trays. Bottom trays hold all of the chips minus the character chips. The smaller tray that can be removed to hold the chips that are used in every game. The other tray for the rest of the chips (only 10 of 55 sets of them are used in one game)

The top tray holds the rest of the game components. The triangle is holding the character chips. The reason for that is the game has a rock-paper-scissors aspect to it. Offensive character generally beat economic characters that generally beat defensive character that generally beat offensive characters. Each point of the triangle will represent one of those styles. This allows for easy identification of the characters and also provides a neat aesthetic aspect when you open the box.

I am trying to figure out how to make the cut list now in a format that Glowforge can take. I am not sure how to do this in Sketchup. I figure worse case scenario I make the cut list in Inkscape since I have all of the measurements now.


I do have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel that shows how I made a cut file from a SketchUp model. You’ll find my channel at:

Note that this is making a cut file for an Epilog laser-cutter. I assume the same cutfile could be used for the GlowForge with perhaps small modifications.

The videos that may help you are the following:

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Also, if you can’t get your hands on the Pro version of Sketchup (or a non-expired Trial version), you can also use the following plug-in:

It allows you to export certain faces of objects to an SVG file. I think it might be even easier to use than the method I outlined, but I have not played with it much, so I’m not sure how to use it yet.

You may want to experiment with it as well. If you do find out that it’s useful to you, please let me know.

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Great callout, was going to drop by to make the same comment. :smile:

For a project like this you should be all set with tabs and slots in Sketchup as in polarbrainfreeze’s example. @marmak3261 I believe was using that very plugin over in this thread to what appears to be great effect.

There’s some other pretty crafty projects out there specifically centered around board game inserts: Daedalus Productions, for instance, open-sources their designs if you’re looking for more examples.

I also saw these guys at our local maker faire (in Ottawa).

They had custom inserts for game boxes.

There’s quite a few board game insert makers out there. InsertHere, The Broken Token, Game Trayz, Go7, along with the others mentioned here.

Actually, one of the things that convinced me to pre-order my Glowforge was because of the Glowforge thread on The Broken Token decided to get one.

One of my first projects will be something similar. But for the evil known as Kingdom Death. That REALLY needs a new insert.

I love this sort of thing. I am working on one for Space Alert. :slight_smile:

Since another thread reminded me of this, here’s what the triangle represents. There are 20 characters. Each has 3 chips. The strategy guide displays the characters using this triangle. It shows the rock-paper-scissors aspect of the game.