I’m trying to make an engraving of the attached unit insignia for my Grandson for Christmas. I want (emphasis on “want”) it to be a circle where I have the red cut line but the cut line needs to go around the wing tips. I can’t figure out how to do it.

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There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to use the outline tool in the interface if you are a premium subscriber. I tried it, and it is pretty good, but a little bumpy. You can also trace the image in Inkscape, delete the original, view the traced image in outline mode and delete all the nodes except the outline. This provided a smoother looking outline and also revealed some random nodes outside of the wings. Here are both: 3fb4e5a50afee280176247d5b757d2f1a99365a5 2 (414.8 KB)

This is an export from the interface.


Break apart, union does that in two keystrokes. No fooling with nodes.


I need to suffer.

The stray nodes are visible in this easier and correct way to accomplish this as well.


I’m trying to learn the trace suggestion but can’t find it in Inkscape. I’ve looked at every menu multiple times. Where is it hiding?

Look under the Path tab - trace bitmap is what you are looking for.

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When tracing (or any other manipulation) in rasters I go to Gimp. Inkscape"s recent changes have made the trace function much more complex but I have not seen that as an improvement.

As Gimp and Inkscape are almost two halves of a greater need I use them in compliment routinely.


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