Inspire us with your project plans!

Thank you :smile:

Called SketchUp

Here is a link of someone using it, its how i was able to make that box.


Oh sweet! Well done man!!!

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Oh! Haha, I already subscribed to you! :smile:

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Thanks again i worked on it all day yesterday. All i need now is a laser cutter.

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Hehehe yeah no kidding. :wink:

My goal is to make a puzzle box but thats a ways down the road but one of my goals.

Also one of these seems simple to make might be hard finding the correct color materials is all.


yeah I have been thinking about how to make these! Love them. I wonder if there is a way to dye the plexi??

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Not sure about coloring it but maybe some material can be applied like stage light filter material or some sort of window tint might have a similar effect

Yeah, I was thinking that too… It looks really consistent through the whole thing so I’m not sure…

Oh, I bet it’s a resine that poured into a mold around the “ground”

I don’t see why the water wouldn’t’ just be a typical 2 part resin. Should find plenty of examples of that on youtube.

for example


Color wise this looks promising:

I laser cut a coffee table partly inspired by that one

I used Fluorescent blue perspex


Wow! That’s a superb design!!! Love it!

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My big project right now, which is has me spending a lot of time with laser cutters, is an animatronic Skeksis from Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”

The entire mechanical core assembly for the head is laser cut acrylic.


Woah!!! What a project!! I’m excited to see the finished project!!

Whaaaat?!?! I love The Dark Crystal! Way too cool!!!

thats wicked very nice i have a coffee table and end tables that took a tumble durring move and the glass broke. This seems like the perfect replacment :smile:

Here is a fun project I came across:

We have several Pachinko machines ranging from 60’s to 90’s that we have restored as a family. Was just thinking about what could be done with a laser and sure enough…


THATS EPIC!!! Wow! I’m putting it on my list of things to try!

I have many uses for this. The cool thing I like is being able to draw on material and have it cut that out. I know this has been around in industrial settings, but now for a desktop laser cutter, awesome. I plan on making radio controlled aircraft frames. Being able to draw on the material versus knowing CAD means I can experiment more.

However, I also plan on doing other things with it, like making inserts for my board games. I started designing one with Sketchup.