Inspire us with your project plans!



Until the catalog comes out we should pass around some of our favorite project files! Whatcha got!?


No project files at this time, but this is the sort of project I have in mind:

This one was hand cut from Sintra board. It’s too bad Sintra is made from PVC, because I have about 300 lbs of Sintra boards at my disposal. Now I wish I had bought acrylic instead!


That’s so sweet! It actually looks relatively easy to make!! Could be fun!!

That’s a shame about Sintra. Maybe design on the computer, then cuts it out of something else to use as a template?


I laser cut my strandbeest but it was a real pain to assemble. Definitely one that is best left for a 3D printer (at this small scale)


@m_raynsford Yes, I can imagine that with twelve legs, assembly was quite a pain. It’s not nearly so bad with just four legs. And since my revolute joints are butt-type instead of lap-type, I can use cloth tape as a hinge instead of nuts and bolts. I have also 3-D printed one of these, and the assembly effort was similar.


One idea I’m looking forward to trying is cutting unusual shaped boards I use to make custom hardback books.
I’ve generally been limited to the traditional rectangular shape til now. I’m guessing it will be pretty easy to make two identical cuts (for front & back of book) of just about any shape. If a project does not call for too many pages in the book, maybe I could even cut the paper to match.
Just an idea.


Check out the other category (Laser Made) that has a post on various Pinterest projects - QOTD: Post your "Laser Inspiration" Pinterest Boards!

You’ll find plenty to keep you busy pondering.


@jktechwriter What a terrific collection of ideas! My wife asked me the other day, “So what sort of practical things will you be able to do with your new toy?” Now she can see for herself!


Love that idea Ballewjr!!! Like, a lot! Genius!


But acrylic is easy to break (brittle)? Maybe another type of machine would handle that 300 lb of PVC.


I hammered out a 4 leg plywood stool/table - 18" high, 12" diameter.

Goal was to use only 2 - 12" X 20" sheets of 1/4" baltic birch. A practice piece…


Love it!!! Well done!! What did you design it with (program)?


An old version of Vellum Xenon V8… still does the job!

The first disk locks everything together, the second one makes the seating surface stronger & flush


Yeah, I was thinking that’s what it did!! Genius! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Correction - the seat discs are 10" DIA so that they will both fit on a 20" sheet.

Happy to send out a DXF file to anyone who is interested!


If you have a link that would be fantastic!!


Link to the stool 2D DXF file - public domain, my full permission, have fun!:


Sweet! Thanks man!

I’m just starting to get a grasp on the whole deigning thing, but here is a birdhouse I designed. Lol. It’s probably flawed.


This is designed to be a jewelry box that requires no glue.


Woah!!! Fancy!!! Love it. What program is that? :slight_smile: